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What can you ask someone if they do not believe in a God?

Submitted by Macka on Sun, 05/01/2022 - 16:33

Ever had someone state emphatically that they do not have any spiritual beliefs at all?

You could try just talking them around but many people today respond better to visual communication as well as just talking.

Youth today have an attention span of about 1 minute. Just look at their browsing habits.

Someone that has just tried to shut you down and end the conversation probably can only stand about another minute or so before they walk off. What can you do in a minute?

Three (3) Circles video (Gospel Icebreaker)

Submitted by Macka on Thu, 04/28/2022 - 22:55

A long time ago Dave M shared this concept of how to explain the gospel simply. Since then it has been tweaked and reformed often to suit the target audience.

Here is the classic “3x Circles Gospel Presentation” but with a more complete explanation than usual.

You can get what you need and ditch the rest.

For example instead of a full explanation of what baptism is you could just say that “you need to get washed clean” or similar.

Lordship Circles - What does it mean to make Christ your Lord?

Submitted by Macka on Wed, 04/13/2022 - 07:24

In this practical world, what does it really mean to make Jesus your Lord today?  It is always a good idea to get a potential new Christian to count the cost before they commit to a lifetime commitment to Jesus Christ.  It is especially good to explain to someone with a "high church" history what it means to have a personal relationship with Jesus. (e.g., Catholic, Orthodox, Anglican, etc.) 

Remember to let them decide what their main life activities are and how big a slice of pie to give to each one!