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The Snake in the Bathroom

Submitted by Macka on Sun, 01/28/2024 - 22:47

By Alex.

Consider a particular man and his son.  They are sitting at the table together, enjoying each other’s company.  The father gets up and goes to the bathroom.  He opens the door and sees a large poisonous snake in the bathroom, which is preparing to strike him.  Quickly, he shuts the door again and quietly goes back to the table, but he does not say anything at all about the snake to his son.  Later, the son tells his father that he, too, is going to the bathroom and gets up.  The father still does not say anything at all about the snake in the bathroom.  The son eagerly opens the door out of need and meets the snake.  Was the father right or wrong not to say anything about the snake to the son?

People often comment that our beliefs are private and that we should not bother others by telling them what we believe.  If we truly care about people, we should let them discover their path through life without bias.  Is this right?

If we truly believe that the only way to escape God’s wrath and live a loving, purpose-filled life now and for eternally is to believe in the promise of Jesus Christ and follow him as Lord, should we say nothing?  If we truly believe that the people around us will most likely end up in the lake of fire for all eternity, should we still stay quiet?  What if no one speaks out? What will happen?  What if everyone who discovers the truth spoke out? What would happen?

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