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The resources on the meetgodathome.com site are for CHRISTIANS trying to reach out to other people groups only.

(If you are specifically looking for resources for "cultural MUSLIMS who follow Isa " trying to reach out to other "believing Islam Muslim, followers of Muhammad" then please go to pleasing-allah.com and DO NOT share this current page.  That new website is a clean site with no reference to "Christians"  and has been modified not to offend unnecessarily and keep people off the radar longer. That site has limited features but is open to the general public to share.  Thank you.)

Content Warning:

These people seem very dedicated, loving, sincere and their logic is inescapable, however, we do not endorse anyone's theology or ministry as a general rule. Although we may partner with some in a partial way we have to stand alone as they have to distance themselves from our ministry. Each person’s work will be tested by fire and will have to answer for the results. The same goes for our work. We can only build on one foundation, that of Christ Crucified. These following videos and audio lectures are very nicely done and we are so grateful for the time and effort it took for them to produce them. The owners have graciously agreed for us to store them here. They are placed here so that your Youtube/Google history will not reflect it. Please respect any request the owner makes about these resources!   Please note that this server is not set up to stream.  Delays and buffering is expected.  May God bless and keep the faithful men and women of these ministries. Amen.




Muslim Gospel Presentations:

AIM Muslim Bookmarks:


Kevin Greeson's Camel2 Course:

Kevin Greeson witnessing materials: The Camel - modified for CPM

(This material is shared with permission by Kevin Greeson provided that it is not posted anywhere else.  Use it, download it but do not abuse it.)



Countering Muslim Claims, Islamic Apologetics with Al Fadi, Sam Shamoun and Dr. David Wood

  1. Basic Apologetics introduction
  2. The Literary Miracle of the Quran
  3. Contradictions in the Quran
  4.  The Preservation of the Quran
  5. Did Muhammad Perform Miracles
  6. The Rapid Growth of Islam
  7. Is Muhammad Mentioned in the Bible
  8. Is the Quran a Scientific Miracle
  9. Did Jesus die on a cross in the Quran?
  10. The Quran, the Bible, and the Islamic Dilemma (David Wood)

If you are not worried about your search history or you are having problems with buffering try these:

1. Vimeo: Did Jesus die on a cross in the Quran?


Iron Sharpens Iron and Mid Level Training Notes:


The following is NOT suitable For CPM/AIM/T4T as it is "traditional" in its methods.  (You may find something useful or modify it in some way perhaps.)