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Gospel Tracts that can be Downloaded and Printed

This section is set aside for some homegrown tried and tested Bible Gospel (Good News about Jesus) Tracts.

Tracts are one technique that you can use for COLD WITNESSING.  Cold witnessing is when you are witnessing to strangers with a very limited window of time.  (Tracts and these other methods should never be used when you are witnessing with your  Oikos, IE: someone you have a connection with.  You may use some of the content found in these tracts as fun facts to break into conversation about the Kingdom but the surprise sudden attack of a tract usually backfires on you.  Organic, or more organic, techniques seem to work better.  Scripture should always be explored using Self Discovery Bible Study methods.) 

This is a new section of the site.  It will be built up as quickly as we can.  Check it regularly for newly uploaded tracts. Please leave us useful comments on the ones that you have tried out for yourself.  If you have never tried to use tracts before or you have tried them but didn't like them then you might want to check out this article first.

If you have any questions or feedback please contact us here.

Below is the list of the available Tracts sorted into their broad categories: