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Icebreaker #10: Is There an Other Way to Use the Million Dollar Notes?

Submitted by Macka on Wed, 05/25/2022 - 10:50
Million Dollar Notes

Dave M. has a wonderful (free) question that he sometimes uses to break the ice when witnessing. If someone says to him “look I don’t know about this God stuff. I think that I’ll just live my life and have some fun. I’ll get right with God at the end before I die and go to heaven.”

Dave can ask them two questions to get them thinking about God right now. (You can use these questions with or without the Living Waters “Million Dollar/Pound Note” tract)

The first question is: “Can I ask you this? What would you rather, that someone gave you a million dollars on you last day of life or would you rather they give it to you now?”

If they respond that they would rather have the money now while they can enjoy it then you can try the second question.

The second question is: “What would you rather, to have (or fix back up) a perfect relationship with your father on the very last day of your life or to be able to have that perfect relationship with him now?”

If they respond that they would rather have the relationship with him now then that is the perfect segue to having (or fixing up) their relationship with their heavenly father now.

Thanks Dave

PS: The million dollar bill questions are most often: “Would you sell your eye for a million dollars?” or “If you were on a plane that was crashing would you rather have a million dollars or a parachute?”

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