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What do Apples have to do with the Kingdom of God?

Submitted by Macka on Sat, 04/30/2022 - 16:02
Apple tree

Ask “How many apples can you get out of just one apple?” and show them an apple.

Most people don’t really know or have a really poor go at a guess.

  • Then ask them “How many apples to you think was on the tree that this apple came from?”
  • Then prompt them for another go at the question. Most work out how many seeds they think are in the apple and guess that they could have that many trees.

After a reasonable time prompt them in this line of thought:

  • What would happen if you planted all of those seeds and they too all grew into trees. How many apples would you then have from this one apple?
  • Wait – what if you then took all of those apples and planted their seeds? How many trees then? How many apples then?
  • What is stopping you from taking all of those apples and planting their seeds? In a few generations how many apples would you end up with?

This apple could be YOU!

  • If you showed someone Christ and they believed, what would happen if you taught them to share Jesus with others?
  • What would happen if they then shared Jesus with all of their friends and relatives and taught them to also share?

Just like the apple, one would multiply into an incredible number in not much time at all!

We have to stop thinking like us and start to think the way God thinks!

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