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Printable Bookmarks

Here is a collection of common Bookmarks that are available. There are more specific bookmarks for a particular people group. These are available upon request at

All have a 1/3, 1/3, 1/3 Accountability, Intimacy and Multiplication format. Printable PDF documents

For More Translatable and easier Bookmarks we use "Look Back, Look Up and Look Forward" format.

(Print Landscape, double sided & flip on short side)

The Original and some say best Plain Generic Bookmark!

Original Generic 1/3 1/3 1/3 Bookmark


Field 2 – Just for the curious about God



Simple Field 2  PDF Bookmark

4 per A4 page

More Complex Field 2 PDF Bookmark

2 per A4 page (A5)


Field 3 & 4 – For Believers or mixed groups of Believers and non-believers within a natural group. (EG: one house)




Simple Field 3 & 4 PDF bookmark

2 per A4 page (A5)

Complex Field 3 & 4 PDF Bookmark

2 per A4 page (A5)

Simple Single F3/4 Bookmark 

Simple and Single F3/4 Bookmark


Short Cut to Hints on performing a Session

There are only two different kinds of Sessions.  (You can adapt these two to suit all of your needs.) 

  1. These are the types of discussions you have with non-believers who are just curious about God and want to know more or
  2. These are the types of discussions/gatherings that you have with other believers.


We call the first type "discovery groups" or "Field 2 groups".  We call the the second type "AIM / T4T groups" or "Field 3 & 4" groups.

1. Session to answer the Curious (Field 2)
2. Session containing Believers/Disciples (Fields 3 & 4)

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Everyone can take turns to chair the experience. It’s fun and easy as 1, 2, 3 :-)

Every Session has three easy but equal parts: A. I. M. (Accountability, Intimacy and Multiplication)

(If AIM does not translate well then you can use Look Back, Look Up and Look Ahead!)

Ideally they should only take a about 60 minutes to get through. (20 mins, 20 mins & 20 mins) Just follow the Steps. You can use AIM for an informal 15 minute chat, a bible study or a full blown church service. The structure is always the same but you can tailor it to your time frame.


* Remember Always included these stared elements no matter how short of time you get. (That’s because the other areas can also be covered in private and other quiet times as well.)


If you want Bookmarks, tools, ideas or help in any of these areas just click on the links at the bottom of the page for some help. 

God Bless, may the Lord give you comfort, strength and boldness!

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