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A Little Bit About Us

This is a temporary page set up for the change over of websites. This will grow in time.


We are followers of Jesus Christ. We share the same basic beliefs as most of the major mainstream denominations do. We are about having the right relationship with Christ and not about what colour the outer wrapper comes in. Our community comes from a wide and diverse range of Denominations. Many of us originated non-denominationally as they have come from and grown up in the harvest. We try to act as salt to local established congregations and as iron to sharpen individual irons. Established congregations and people can also sharpen us.


Our mission is:

To abide in his love (abide in the vine) and to grow into the vine until our thoughts and desires become the same thoughts and desires as our Lord (John 15). Once this becomes a reality then we try to obey all of commands. This includes and highlights Matthew 28:18-20. We are to strive to fulfil the Great Commission until we are called home or until He returns.


We hold Jesus as our Lord and Saviour. We hold the scriptures as the inspired word of God and the ultimate authority on any dispute or direction. We have no delusions that we can do the mission stated above in our own strength and knowledge. The mission is Christ’s and we have the privileged to partner with him on this cause. In return we are enabled with the gift of the Holy Spirit.

As such we strive to reduce methods down to their simplest forms that still work. These methods are inspired and modelled from the examples left to us in scripture. In particular the New Testament Gospels, Acts and Letters.

We strive to cut out anything that will not lead to exponential growth of the Kingdom without sacrificing quality of faith and worship.

These techniques have been coined as Disciple Making Movement and Church Planting Movement principles. (DMM and CPM principles).

They are formed around the Golden Rules (Love God with all your heart, soul and mind; Love your neighbour as yourself; and Go make disciples of every nation,baptising them and teaching them to obey his commands.)

These three commands are split up equally with our everyday methods. They are easy for anyone to try and do. and in fact, everyone is encouraged to try and do it regardless of their perceived abilities.

You can find our simple tools and methods in the section on “bookmarks”


We are blessed to be in partnerships with many and varied members of the body around the world.

Important Partnerships are:


Good friends are:

The Cornerstone Church, George Town Tasmania

George Town Baptist Church, Tasmania

St Luke's Parish Church West Norwood, London, UK

Church with No Walls, Hobart Tasmania